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Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Mighty Angel that Stands on the Sea { Rev 10:1-8}

Today is "A"great day for me; because yesterday i wrote a lesson on the "SEA" than some one ask me why i would say this about "BP" oil,and gas company's well its like this I have a job to do. Just like they think they have "Drilling inside of HOLY-NESS" THIS GROUND IS NOT FOR MAN AT ALL,JUST THE FISH TO EAT FOR MAN, AND TO ENJOY WITH OUR EYES. NOW I GUESS I SHOULD BE LIKE YOU AND PRETENT ITS A GOOD THING, WELL LET ME TELL YOU A LITTLE ABOUT THESE THE BOY'S AND GIRL'S THE "True SON'S OF GOD" WE ARE "BOLD" INSIDE OF THE WORD OF GOD. This is "NO JOKE" but with "HUMBLENESS and HUMILITY" but very "STRONG inside of the Word of the Spirit, and the Powers, and the Might of GOD" people if you count these "GIFTS" of The HOLY SPIRIT THAT MAKES YOU "ONE" with GOD, just like JESUS is "ONE" with THE FATHER inside of HOLY-NESS, of the SPIRIT of GOD TODAY. So if we can get into the lesson the "Angel" who "STANDS on the SEA" now if this Angel can stand on the sea, he should be "ABLE" to "WALK on WATER" would you think so, because if I could stand on the "Sea" it would be only "RIGHT" for me to see. If I could "WALK" on the "SEA" now I guess you are going to tell me and God, and the Devil that you would just stand there, and not "MOVE" and KNOWING THAT GOD has giving you all of this "ROOM" and you are telling me. If somebody came out INTO THE "SEA" where you are the "MASTER" AND SOME ONE COMES drilling "HOLES" inside of your "FLOOR" on your "WATCH" and you will not "DO" anything too them. To get them out of your "SEA" and you are "MIGHTY and POWERFUL" through God's Holy Spirit that gives you The Devine Powers, and The Authority to "KILL" man for his DISREPECT TO God's CREATION the "SEA" now that you think you have found black gold, but what is going happen is "DEATH" will rise up to "KILL" you from the "COMMAND" from God, unto his "MIGHTY ANGEL that STANDS" on the SEA.Do this sound like a movie, to you well guess what this is your life in the "EYES" of God, and his Angels they are watching a movie call the "FOOLISHNESS of MAN" believe me its a "SELL-OUT" in the "HEAVENS" because we have to be "FOOLIShness, and FUNNY, and CRAZY" unto them all if we say that this "WORLD is CRAZY" and we do say this; than what make you think they the Angels and God and Jesus dont say it also. Now I will go off into the "PERSON" WHO IS the "MIGHTY ANGEL of GOD" who is going to tell "US THE CHILDREN OF GOD" to do this and { Rev 10:8-11} so here I am "TODAY" and this is what the "Mighty Angel" has to say unto you "GREEY" people "WHO WORSHIP MONEY"its inside of {Rev 10:5-7} these days are right "NOW" people we how "FORCED" God's HANDS" apond us the whole "WORLD" has help to "DESTORY the SEA" now after you hopefully have taken the "TIME-OUT" to read these "VERSES" then you will begin to see the Spiritul side of this "EVIL" that is apond us all. Now "BP" if you keep "DRILLING" deeper down into the "SEA" this is what you are going to bring on this "WORLD" it is these "KILLER" Earthquakes that has "NEVER" been "Seen or Known" of by man, these "REALLY BIG MONSTER EARTHQUAKES" will be the beginning of the End for our "GENERATION" on this Heaven call the "EARTH" it has been both inside of my life on this Heaven, so people of "TODAY" I "KNOW THE ONE THAT I LONG FOR" YES ITS THE ONE THAT JESUS WENT TO BUILD it is CALL "NEW JERUSALM" SO IF YOU worldly money hungery "VAGABONDS" REALLY WANT TO SEE IF GOD; IS REAL OR HIS MIGHTY ANGEL FOOT is INSIDE OF THE SEA AND HIS OTHER FOOT IS ON THE EARTH, WARRING YOU TO Stop YOUR DRILLING RIGHT NOW BECAUSE THIS WILL HAPPEN AT THE SAME HOUR IN {REV 11:13} PEOPLE WHAT GOD, HAS GIVING ME I HAVE Share IT WITH YOU TODAY NOW IF YOU WANT TO BELIEVE IN MAN OR THE WORD OF GOD, NOW THAT CHOSE its ALL YOURS. i HAVE DONT MAY JOB it IS TO LET YOU KNOW. MAY THIS LITTLE LESSON HELP SOME-ONE TO SEE AND HEAR WHAT SAID THE WORD OF GOD. FROM THE MESSENEGER AT WWW.JIMSMITHTHETRUEMESSENEGEROFGOD.COM

Friday, April 30, 2010

"Disgarding the Scriptures"

Today readers I will like for God, to teach us all here about those who disgard the scripters,but still worship him with faith? Do they act from God, or the Devil,or self-will? this is what we are dealing with today readers you may not think that this is important believe me this is something that the churches, and the world it self is guilty of just plan old " SELFISH" trying to worship God, without reading and studying { 2Tim 2:15} about God ways, and his Laws that we cannot live-up too people why? is the "BAR" set to high people, or are you just plan flap out comfortable with the "LOW Road" of faith, and money, and things people that God, call Molten Images, and Idols, because of this {James 2:17-20} now people do you not know that the devil, will bless you also with all kinds of worldly gifts and than you, and I will turn right around and you along with me, will also said quickly that God has Blessed me, now was it really God, or the lesser god, that offered Jesus in { Matt 4:1-11}these same worldly gifts people. Readers you should really want to know who; it is that is ministering to you, and who it is that is still blessing you with your worldly gifts. Because God looks at the "Hearts of his Images" not how much of this "WORLDLY" stuff we have, or don't have that will rust, or rotting away, or just die away. God is not about that; he is a Spirit people are you Devoted to the Spirit of God. Or are you worshipping that spirit of things; that you think it is "God" that has giving them to you because of your faith. Well its ok today to say, who do he think he is well the Scriptures will show you God, and how he really feels about this blog people. God is still living right here with us right now he is inside of my hands writting to you who are "SOUL" sreaching for the TRUTH. So if you are just living by faith along you are in trouble today. Because all you are working for is "THINGS" see because if your are working for God you will do what {Isa 28:10-13/ Ps 119:15-173} see readers you cannot "MEDIATE" ON ANYTHING THAT YOU "disgard" because of your great faith that is dead, if you don't "STUDY" to see who is "MINISTERING" unto you all. May God; fall down on you right now who read this blog, with mighty"COMPELLING" power that will cause you to line the word of up and study it to show the devil that you know who God is. Through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, readers I come to you in the name of God, from the Messeneger.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Do You Have A Stiff Neck" { Det 31:27/Ex 32:9}

Today readers I am dealing within a lesson that I will share with you, and hopefully you will take a good look at your "NECK" this word we all know that this means to whole, the head of something or somebody to keep it from falling off. Today we will begin with Verse 27 so we can look at how the people of the "CHURCH" of those day's of old people, as we all know, that time only repeats it self so it looks like we as a "Generation" when "BACKWARES" somewhere we all have went the wrong way so lets see what brother Isaiah has to said about this word backwares {Isa 44:25} can you be honest and tell me is the world and a state of "CONFUSION" because we have men marry men. O" yes women are doing very same thing see this is what we call knowing "RIGHT from WRONG" and this one is for real who is "GOD, and JESUS CHRIST or HIS COMING" { Jer 7:24/ 15:6-7} now we can get real honest will ourself are we not living our lives just like this backwares, but just with "COMPUTERS" thats all everything else is still the same as "SODOM" in the fields of "GORROMAH" { Gen 13:10, 18:1-33, 19:1-38} now you tell that we have not falling "BACKWARES" just because we have bright lights and computers, cars and houses, and other things but we are still living inside of that same "SPIRIT" today people nothing has really change has it; but the "INVENTIONS" the spirit is still the same as "SODOM and GORROMAH" people had "TATOOS" all over their bodies and earrings hanging down from their bodies also, see inside of the Bible, it talks about writting on the body it is ungodly to "MARK" your "TEMPLE" that is made in the "IMAGE of GOD" see everything God say's for man not do the Devil says its ok to do it any ways, no matter what the word of God, says people now look in { Det 9:6} now after you read this. I would like to ask you to go into { Det 29:1-29} now I will ask of you again to go in { Matt 10:15, 11:23-24} now people what nation of people do you think Jesus is talking to its this world of today you and I. now readers I will end with these two books of the bible you can read them for yourself because they will tell you truth if your "NECK is not to STIFF" to turn the pages and see the Truth. now inside of {Jude 7} hope you can see the truth here in {Rev 11:8} see people I say to you all "Early its the same Spirit" that lives inside of this spiritual city that is evil and now this thing has spreaded all over the World, from "ROME" nows you all know where the "VINE of SODOM still lives inside of the CATHOLIC CHURCH THE MOTHER HARLOT. I said that "I work for God" not man and "I stand Bold inside of God's Holy Word" From the

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Why is it that the Earth wasn't good enough for man

Tonite; readers as I was lead by God, to go out side and look up and then people what I, saw was the most beauitful "MOON" shining so bright than the Spirit of God, spoke to me and said these very words unto me. So readers I am going to ask you, all that read this blog, is the "Earth" good enough for you? Readers have you ever really sit down here on this earth, out side and take a good long look into "God's Art Work" to see "HIS" beauity that we humans, have try so hard to destory..Why people is this earth not good enough people that we all had to go do this unto "HER" now when I looked up tonite I ask God, if "HE" would allow you the Vagabond { Gen 4:12-17} to live on his beauitful moon, or any of "HIS" other "ART" work { Matt 6:9} now it say's that the "EARTH" is the third "HEAVEN" from the "SUN" now lets see what God, told Adam about this Planted, and how to "USE" it and take care of it the "Earth"{Gen 1:20-31} so if everything is on the inside of the Earth and on the outside growing on the earth. Than what are we doing, or what have we done, to cause this trouble on this great earth, so I will ask you all that read this blog. Is the "EARTH" good enough for you, or do you think the Earth is empty reader. from the Messeneger at

Sunday, April 25, 2010

"Are you your Supreme Self" {Psalms 1:1-6} part 1

Readers; first I will say hello and may God, bless you all that will take time out to read this lesson about the supreme self "YOU", now can I ask you to do one thing. Readers is to check this out inside of {Gen 2: 16-17/3:1-6} and see is this stopping you or is this holding you back from your to Real-Self. Ok I will open with this the image of the "Tree of Life" this is one of my greatest and most powerful lessons in the Bible, for me because the whole phenomenal of the universe is matter, energy, and the "MIND" is only its "CANOPY" of leaves. These are the things which we can see people. Now ever leaf grows from a twig, that grows from a branch, that grows from a "VAST" tunk. Now people supporting this trunk and all of its leaves and twigys and branches, people is one thing that is compelety "HIDDEN" this is the "TAP-ROOT" readers, but you all knew this right; that the Tap Root is extending "DEEP" down into the "PURE BEING" the "FARTHEST" form the "ROOT" is this "WORLD" of multiplicity and all of these changes, and countless little leaves. But people the "TAP- ROOT" of this "TREE" is the "LORD JESUS CHRIST"THE ETERNAL, CHANGELESS SELF THE TREE OF LIFE {john 1:4} see this "Tree" is a "Light" for you to see inside of these dark days. Now you can also eat this "Tree" because the "Tree" said that he is "THE BREAD of LIFE" also in { John6:31-40} now I have see all kind of trees but this "Tree" said if you are "THRISTY" that he will give you "DRINK" some kind of "TREE" to "REST"under or hide in, would you say yes. Now if you and I just eat only from this "Tree" this will be yours inside of {Jer 17:8} people can you walk out side and just look at how "STRONG" the "HEALTHY" trees look people this can be you "SPIRITUALLY" inside of God's Word. Now people let us look at this "TREE WOMAN" that God wants all of "His Fruit orHis Children"to find people, her name is "WISDOM" you can read about her a little right here inside of {Prov 3:7-18} now she has been with God, from the beginning people read about our "MOTHER" in { Prov 3:19} so just what do you think this means how God looks on a "WOMAN" and she has been with God all the "TIME" sowing "SEEDS and BUILDING" "THEIR" Universes, after Universes and Creations after Creations" people read about inside of in {luke 1:42} Now this same "Tree" is telling me it can turn is self into "MEAT" read about it here in { John 4:31-38} now look at what this "TREE" did for "US" read about it in { 1Peter 2:24-25} people what a "IMAGE" { Gen1:26-27} "YOUR SUPREME SELF" may God keep you all from the

Monday, April 19, 2010

The Generation of Retalition text { Matt 3:1-11}

Tonite reades as sit here with God, and his son Jesus Christ, and his Holy Spirit the Holy Ghost,and John the Baptise, who words will start this lesson and Jesus Christ words will finish the lesson out . Readers I have ask God, for premission to share some of this lesson with you tonite it is taken out of a chapter of my next book call "2010" keep these number inside of your minds, because I will show you in the Arithmetic of God's number system inside of the word of God. The number 20 means "REDEMPTION" read { Ex 26:20} people is it something that you have lost that needs to be Redem? people this is the Century of God's "REDEMPTION" now the number 10 means this "LAW" read { Ex 12:3/ 20:3-17/ Ruth 4:11} see some where here God gave Moses 10 powerful things call the "LAWS OF GOD" so this number means Law in the Spitritual "RIM" now we as a "{NATION OF MANKIND HAVE BROKEN GOD'S LAW'S} now you can believe this to be a fact that the "BIG HEAD'S WILL BEGAN TO FALL" because "WE" have "STOP TEACHING CHILDREN OF THIS GENERATION THE 10 LAW'S OF GOD. Readers I hope you can understand this part of the lesson; so you all can see what {TIME IT REALLY IS INSIDE OF 2010} God's Redemption of his Law's that we have disobey as a "NATION" I will just mention one thing right here people in Washington D.C. when you past a law that "STOP" people from "CHASTIZING THEIR CHILDREN" people somewhere God says to us; he that spare the "ROD" which is the "LAW'S OF GOD" he or she has "SPOILED" the "CHILD"which means "ROTTEN" people this is what has happen to this "SPOILED GENERATION of CHILDREN" that has been and is still begin "SPARE" the "ROD" so this means that they are filled and over power with a "SPIRIT" of "RETALITION" if things dont go there way they will retalate and some kind of way. So I will look at the meaning of "RETALITION" it is a Eye for an Eye, it also means a "Counterattack" better known as a drive by or a walk down,and some kind of way they will try to get you back people there is "No" turning the other "CHEEK" that doesn't "HAPPEN" this is what happen is the next word it is call "Revenge" this is what this generation lives for is to have a "RETALITION" party of drinking and druging of this 'Evil SPIRIT' call "REVENGE" now this spirit leader is call "VENEANCE, WHO IS ROOTED DEEP INSIDE THEIR HEARTS" why is it because we didn't "TEACH" them the "LAW'S of GOD" now; Lets see what John says in { Matt 3:7-9} People it looks like it is some heads of the Church running to John the baptise for help i just wonder why? is it because they found out something wrong with the church teaching of those day's you "Pharisees and Sadducees" of these "CHURCHES" of today are you in need of a "BAPTISM" from Jesus Christ, because John doesn't do that Job anymore, so you cannot "FLEE" unto him you "GENERATION OF VIPERS" because you want to run to God. Why you are running right by his "FRUIT" that you leave laying in the "STREETS" why you are running up in your "WHORE HOUSES" is this what they come to "REALIZE about this TRUTH" that God looks at the church as a whore{ Rev 17: 1-16/ 19:2} and those who sit-up inside of the "WHORE" are looked on as a whoremonger well here is your witness { Ehp 5:5 / 1Tim 1:10/ Heb 13:4/ Rev 21:8/ Rev 22:15} well it must have been something that cause them to see the "WARTH of GOD COMING" now if you read carefully you will see how selfish these so called of God, was when they realize their wrong, but they didn't try to bring the rest of the "CHURCH" with them. Into "REPENTANCE" why? is this the same "REASON" that you all past right on by the "FRUIT OF GOD IN THE STREETS" to "ROTTEN" away from the "ROOT" of God, well it looks like the "AX" will fall on you and the "FAN" will purge you all away, because you think inside of yourselfs that you are the seed of Abraham and you will not even "PICK-UP GOD'S FRUIT UP OFF OF THE STREETS, AND TAKE HIS FRUIT UNTO HIM FOR REPENTANCE" see I am a living "WITNESS" because I live on "SKID-ROW" down town LA. so I know because I saw you past me by and didn't even ask me if I wanted some of your "Fruit" well today I am glad you just kept walking because when walk by Jesus walk -up bend -down a "PICK ME-UP" now I come to "PICK-YOU-UP" and take you with me if you would like to "GO" all I can do is "ASK- YOU" that's my Job. Just like John told the Pharisees and the Sadducees that God is "ABLE" means to Change those "STONE HEARTED" liers who thought they knew God but they "NEEDED" a "MESSENEGER" to teach them about the "TRUTH of GOD's WORD" and baptise them and they would raise-up the children of Abraham; all of them even the "ONES IN OUR STREETS" people. Now if you still are with me we will listen to the words of Jesus Christ starting with {Matt 15:1-20} these are strong words against you pastors and bishop's and popes and priest's how you not "REALIZE" that Jesus is "TALKING" you the "HEADS" of these Whore-Houses that you are miss leading the sheep of God, inside of the church. People all you are looked apond as sheep being lead to "SLAUGHTER" well here is your witness in { Rom 8:36} read the all of this chapter and see do you need your mind "REDEM" back into the Law's of God, now if you do what makes you "THINK" these "KIDS" don't need what is "GOOD" in the "EYES" of "God" now people this is all of our "JOB" with these Kids and not just your kids or your grandkids, this is every child in your Na-boro-hood people; or are you to filled with "FEAR" of the "SPOILED ROTTEN STREET KID'S" that we didn't "CHASTIZES" or couldn't and cannot to this "DAY" some BIG HEAD'S will round off at the beginning of the next two years God's mighty hands will move on this "EARTH" because this is the "CENTURY" of his "REDEMTION" of his "LAW'S THE TEN COMMANDMENTS" people this is why this generation is filled with this spirit of "RETALITION" because there was "NO ROD APPLY" so this spirit has taken the Hearts of this generations of warers, that dont want "PEACE" in the streets they love "KILLING" because that's all on our TV'S, that's on all of our MOVIE'S and also it is all over their "SONG'S" its all about kill or be killed, some kind of "TEACHERS" we turn out to be. becausewe didn't teach our children the 10 "GREATEST LAW'S" of all "LAW's" yes we have failed this "GENERATION" O" yes you to fail stop lying unto yourself. What did you do to help "TOMMY" who lives where you live, and you cannot see he needs "HELP" now what do you do to help TOMMY? and its not your troubles, but he is the fruit of God, and you are going to tell me you cannot see tommy needs help O"yah tommy is not your "FRUIT" right he belongs to those people down the street right America. God bless the child that's got his own what a "LIE" now what about the kid next door people O" I forgot "HE or SHE" is not your blood right. Now reades if you would let Jesus Close this lesson down for us because he is "Life" so if you let me show you the way to Jesus holy words today inside of Matthew 16: 1-4} it will bring you a new life with Christ. Jesus is telling you todays "Pharisees and Sadducees" that you dont know what "TIME" it is. Readers this means "SIMPLY" that you was not call of God, because Jesus said that his "SHEEP" knowns his "VOICE" this is the Word of God; the voice of Jesus Christ inside of {Matthew 17:17} so I guess this doesn't apply unto you today. Readers you would think that Jesus Christ Word's would stand forever? but it looks like somebody change them; when it comes to our generation right? you know the answers you don't need me on this one do you? now if you would read {Matthew 23: 1-38} now I would like for you to look at Vs 33 it looks like Jesus also looks at you as "VIPERS" blind "SNAKES" trying "BEGUILD" the 'CHILDREN of GOD" into your "SLAUGTHER HOUSES" people if you will read this book of {Matthews 23:1-39} over and over until you fully understand what Jesus is telling you all about who is "STANDING IN FRONT OF YOU TELLING YOU THAT THEY ARE ABRAHAM SEED" and will not "PICK -UP the FRUIT OF GOD YOU FOOLS" if you want the rest the book will be out this Summer. from the MESSENEGER

Sunday, April 18, 2010

What is your greatest "Fear" is it God or War or being without money?

Hello; Readers as I was walking this morining as I do everyday, I ran into a friend of my while he was also walking, so we stop and talk about what had happen on his end, and what was happing on my end, then he ask me a question why it is that people are so fill with "Fear" and my question back unto him after I listen to him carefully; was what kind of fear or you talking about, I said than unto that there are so many different forms of fear. So I said unto him, can I share with you two of many "FEAR MONSTERS" that keeps us from the "Fear of God" people so, I always use the Bible and it say's this inside of the road map back to God, inside of {Gen 26:24} now I ask him who do you trust, is it what man says or what you think, or what say's the Word of God, so he said that he believe in the word of God, if he does that's not for me to say, then I ask him why are you worrying about these worldly matters that you have know control over, where you sit from, so your need is to know this inside of {Matthew 13:11} so he was sharing with about all of the fear of his church friends, so I ask him is their fear center inside of the "Love of God"{Gen 12:13-17} and not inside of this man words that you all desire read {Gen 12:13} and he cannot help you and you all have became fill with the fear of not having "MONEY" it is not the "Fear of God" in you; because if it was we wouldn't be at War outside of America, nor would we at War inside of America; because it is some people who would rather burn the MONEY with this "WHITE NASA LIE" it is "NO" "ROCK PLANT GOING TO HIT THIS EARTH" people this is just a wild ideal the "DEVIL" that put inside of these "VAGABOND'S" this is "CAINS" {Gen 4:5-16} KIDS IN THE FLESH WHO ARE LOOKING FOR A NEW HOME. Now all of this MONEY that you have BURN-UP by going outer space tell all of "US" who was here every since you have started this "MONEY BURNING MONSTER THAT BURNS- UP MONEY THAT YOU INVENTED TO LIVE AMONG MAN" show "US, AMERICAN" one thing that this "MONSTER"has done to make "LIFE BETTER" for all "HUMANKIND"down here on this "EARTH" if this is not the "GOAL" to go"OFF" OF THIS "EARTH" to get something for "ALL" or "DONT GO AT ALL.WHY YOU TAKE ALL OF THE "FREE MONEY" THIS IS THE LEFT OVER TAXS MONEY, THAT YOU HAVE KEPT FROM THE POOR WHY YOU "KIDS" OF CAIN CHASE A DREAM SENT FROM HELL YOU FOOLS YOU CANNOT EVEN SEE MAN AND WOMAN SUFFERING HERE ON THIS EARTH WHY YOU "FOOLS BURN-UP THE MONEY" THAT HAS PEOPLE FILLED-UP WITH THE FEAR OF HAVING "NO" MONEY WHY YOU STILL BURN { Matthew 16:1-4}MONEY" Now "PEOPLE" this second monster that has people fill with fear is this "FOOLISH WAR" Oh yes I forgot it is not "FOOLISH TO THE RICH" because you all make "MONEY" off of "WAR; RIGHT" now with your man made wars that takes life and zillions of dollars,that cause the poor to become even poorer, but they "NASA" people this may get me into trouble with white America but the Spirit of God; is on me so I must "SHOW YOU THE TRUTH" now if we turn these letters around and add one letter to it the letter "T" than "NASA" will spell this people when you turn the letters like this it spells "SATAN" now take away the "T" turn the letters back around to the way the "DEVIL" and "HIS KIDS WANTS TO TRICK YOU; WITH THIS WORD "NASA" WHO LOVE TO BUILD THESE FIRE BURNING SPACE DRAGEN, THAT TAKES MONEY FROM THE POOR" people I saw the first moon shoot it didn't "HELP"then and it hasn't "HELP" to this "DAY" IF YOU "DISBELIEVE" then read this in {Matthew 16:3} because this is what you have "DONE" BLOW A HOLE IN THE SKY AND NOW IT IS TURNING RED ON MANKIND" so where is your "FEAR CENTER TODAY" people lets look at this for a moment, if you would come off of this Worldly Foolish fears; why people are suffering down here losting everything and you are still "BURNING- UP THE MONEY" WHY YOU ARE STILL ACTING LIKE YOUR FATHER CAIN SPIRIT THAT LIVES INSIDE OF YOUR FLESH { Gen:3:12-16} this you "NASA" so dont get mad at me the Messeneger; I JUST BRING THE THE WORD OF GOD; IN TRUTH I AM NOT LIKE THE REST WHO SAID THAT GOD CALL THEM, BUT ARE FILLED-UP WITH THE FEAR OF MAN, WHO WILL TAKE AWAY THEIR CHURCHES AND MONEY, THIS DOESN'T APPLY UNTO ME READ { HEBREWS 5: 3-14} PEOPLE YOU CAN FIND ME INSIDE OF VERSE {10} NO SCHOOLING AT ALL; BUT CALL OF GOD; SO I KNOW WHO YOU ARE. So those of you that "CLAIM" you know God, then why are you fill with "Fear" because you have not dont what it says in {Proverbs 1:1-33} now who have been giving you "INSTRUCTION" only you "KNOW" now let us look into who is your "MASTER" because if you don't do this in {Psalms 2:11-12} then you have place your "FEAR" into the "WRONG SPIRIT " because it is the spirit of a thing, "NO" matter what the thing is "TRUTH or FALSE? well lets just look at the Spirit of War its killing, now lets looking at going into outer spaces its killing all of "US" because you "VAGABONDS" open a "HOLE" that is causing this "EARTH PROTECTION THE SKY" to turn "RED" in {Matthew 13:1-4} Now we will look at what is really gotten this "WORLD FILL WITH FEAR" people it is call going "BROKE" or better known as "CAST or BROKEN" away from your "MASTER MONEY" now my question is can you live without "MONEY' everyday after you have been a "SLAVE" to the "ROOT OF ALL EVIL" people the "ROOT" is the "DESIRE" and how "DEEP" inside of you is it "ROOTED" is your "LOVE" for the "MONEY" is it the first thing on your mind, or is it the "FEAR of GOD" so we all know what we think of first. This is what we will serve first. Oh yes i can hear you saying thats not me, i fear god always, well you are lying and the "TRUTH" is not inside of you at all{1John 2:4-29} let see look inside of God, word in {1Timothy 6:1-13} my question is to you? is the same I ask my friend this morning what is your "Fear Spirit" placed is it inside of God Love, I hope so. Now it is time to close with this lesson; people if you read this truth inside of { 1John 4:1-21} and if you can believe this in verse 18 to be a fact. from the